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College of Health Sciences


This program allows students who have completed an associate degree in a health science field to achieve a bachelor’s degree within an additional two years that is meaningful, applicable to their field of choice, and may qualify them to move into supervisory roles, and/or progress to graduate programs if desired.

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Oral health is something many take for granted. Healthy smiles aren’t possible without skillful dental hygienists. Our comprehensive program offers students an innovative education, highly technical skills, and a worthwhile profession.

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If you are interested in working in a fast-paced environment, want to gain a hands-on education, and hope to lay the groundwork for a fulfilling career in healthcare and public service, then getting your degree in emergency medical services is the perfect option for you.

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The Exercise Science bachelor’s degree focuses on the science of human movement and its importance in maintaining or improving health, physical fitness and athletic performance.

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The Health and Human Performance Department accomplishes its mission through academic programs in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Recreation and Sport Management, and Population Health, all of which focus on active learning by utilizing innovative practices and community engagement.

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Offers an opportunity to become a licensed certified Athletic Trainer by preparing students to pass the Board Certification Exam for Athletic Training.

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Medical laboratory scientists are on the front lines of solving medicine’s most challenging questions. Professionals in this field design tests and perform complex analyses essential to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as conduct research to advance medical science.

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Radiographers are health professionals who use their patient care and technical skills along with critical thinking to perform diagnostic procedures using ionizing radiation. They must provide a positive patient experience, possess the ability to be accurate and calm under pressure, and be able to critically think through challenges.

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Nurses are crucial members of a healthcare team that provides safe, evidence-based, patient centered care to all. If you are dedicated, quick-thinking and compassionate. Utah Tech’s nursing program will help you develop your natural skills into a rewarding career.

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Occupational therapists help people be as independent as possible in everyday life (their daily occupations).

At Utah Tech, the occupational therapy curriculum provides learners with an eclectic, dynamic and responsive set of client-centered skills to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapist assistants are licensed to practice physical therapy, and use their education, clinical experience, and the latest research to help people meet their movement and functional needs and goals. They help people recover their ability to walk, heal from wounds, and learn to work through the effects of injuries and other health problems to live a normal, active life.

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The Population Health bachelor’s degree focuses on improving the quality of patient care and community health through social policy, health promotion and disease prevention.

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The Recreation and Sport Management bachelor’s degree focuses on fostering healthy lifestyles, effective management of organizations, and the social and economic development of communities through recreation, tourism and sport services.

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Respiratory therapists provide treatment, evaluation, monitoring, and management of patients with breathing disorders or cardiovascular problems. Respiratory therapists treat patients ranging from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to elderly people with lung disease.

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This program is designed for graduates of an accredited entry-level respiratory therapy program with an AAS or AS with the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) credential. This program is entirely online, allowing students to complete an advanced degree while working, including personal and family commitments.

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Surgical technologists prepare the operating room, use sterile techniques to prevent infection, apply critical thinking skills to anticipate needs, and pass surgical instruments. They work alongside physicians and surgeons, registered nurses, and other healthcare workers during operations.

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College of Health Sciences Interprofessional Education

College of Health Science interprofessional collaborative practice is key to safe, high-quality, accessible, equitable, person/client-centered care and enhanced population health outcomes desired by all. Our activities are based on four key components:

  • Value and Ethics
    • Work with team members to maintain a climate of shared values, ethical conduct, and mutual respect.
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Use the knowledge of one’s own role and team members’ expertise to address individual and population health outcomes.
  • Communication
    • Communicate in a responsive, responsible, respectful, and compassionate manner with team members.
  • Teams and Teamwork
    • Apply values and principles of the science of teamwork to adapt one’s role in a variety of team settings.
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Our Mission

The mission of the Utah Tech University College of Health Sciences is to prepare students for employment in healthcare settings and lifetimes of service and learning.

Our vision is to contribute to excellence in healthcare by inspiring future healthcare providers to lead by example, seek further knowledge, and passionately advocate for all patients, communities, and populations.

Our health sciences programs are noted for excellent pass rates on national licensing exams and regional certifications, outstanding graduation rates, and high employment statistics upon program completion. These programs boast small class sizes and are supported by our dedicated and experienced faculty in a state-of-the-art health sciences facility.

In addition to supporting the core values of Utah Tech University, we value fairness, accountability, ethics, caring, empathy, excellence, and interprofessional collaboration.