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The Utah Tech Humanities Center strives to foreground the humanities and social sciences and their role in the education of students, the development of faculty and staff members, and the engagement of the university with the broader community. This center also champions a human-centered approach to both the use of technology and the fulfillment of the Utah Tech University mission to be an open, inclusive, comprehensive, polytechnic university.

Student Collaborative Short Documentaries

These documentaries are the work of students in ENGL 3180 and were facilitated through the collaboration of Dr. Jim Haendiges and Dr. Ka-Wai Yu and a mini-grant from the UTHC.

Strings of Elegance: Kennadee Law Soul of the Cello: Marcus MorganMusic Moves Us: Melynda HughesAbigail Hartzel


The Utah Tech Humanities Center is proud to announce that the Digital Humanities Utah 9 conference will be hosted by Utah Tech University in February 2025. Click the link for more information.

Collaborative Teaching Mini-Grants

The Utah Tech Humanities Center will be awarding a number of mini-grants for faculty members who collaborate on classroom instruction that highlights the connections and foreground the learning experiences that exist between the humanities/social sciences and other academic disciplines and programs on the Utah Tech campus. Proposals for mini-grants should explain the learning outcomes and pedagogical goals, as well as the scope of the proposed collaborations: assignments, course instruction, assessment, etc. Mini-grants of $250-$300 will be awarded twice a year depending on funding.

Deadline for spring semester proposals-Nov. 15th

Deadline for fall semester proposals-Apr. 1st

Mini-Grant Application

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